So What Exactly is a Press Release?

yellow note paperWHAT IS A PRESS RELEASE?

Contrary to belief you do not need to have a major life changing news story to write a press release. Many seem to believe that only major corporations are allowed to write a press release, since they always have something big to announce. There is plenty of room for small businesses, sole proprietors, and even the average everyday web surfer to submit a press release and get noticed.

A press release is defined as a public relations announcement issued to the news media and targeted publications for the purpose of informing the public of company developments. It’s also described as a publicity tool. BINGO, the latter is exactly what you’ll be using your press release for, a PUBLICITY TOOL! In years past, press releases were announced primarily in print, television news stations and radio stations.


Ever since the emergence of the internet, it’s now become much easier for users like you and me to submit a press release and get TRAFFIC to our site within hours! Using the outlined methods that will now follow, you can take the concept of writing a 300 word press release and turn it into a money making machine for your business!

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Sample Press Release – “Top Secret Recipes…”

Sample Press Release 1


Here is the *full* layout of the press release, headline, summary & body.

Top Secret Recipes Of Famous Chefs Revealed.

Closely guarded restaurant recipes are now available. The food recipes, and drink recipes of famous chefs unveiled in an easy to follow book that was just released!

Within the past few months quite a few closely guarded recipes have now become available to the average consumer. The incredible part of all this, is that each recipe is usually formatted in great detail, with an easy to follow step by step chart that allows anyone to whip up famous delicacies right from their kitchen.

The top secret restaurant recipes of famous restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe, The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, and even fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and KFC are now widely available. Are the owners of these restaurants happy about this leakage of information? Probably not, but at this time the recipes are sweeping the internet at a feverish pace.

The website offers many free recipes in a variety of categories. It also highlights “America’s Most Wanted Recipes” which deals primarily with the secret recipes of famous chefs. A strategic partnership with “America’s Most Wanted Recipes” allows anyone to get access to hundreds of the most sought after recipes in the world. You can visit the website below for complete information.

Contact website for more information:

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Press Release

6 Common Mistakes When Writing Press Releases

1) Grammatical Errors: We all make mistakes, but it is highly important that you proof-read your article several times prior to submission. A badly written press release can receive lots of views, but very few taking the time to visit your site because of the grammar errors.

2) Content: A good press release always has some form of content. Ensure that when you write your release that you excite the user and deliver exactly as promised in regards to the content. Do not have a title that misrepresents what you are offering in the body of the press release.

3) Advertising: As mentioned prior, always stay away from seeming like a commercial. A press release is a news related item. Do not try to pitch sales within the press release; always present the information as news related.

4) Exaggerated Comments: Stay away from hyping your news release with comments that seem far from the truth. Your press release must sound believable or it will be ignored. Do not fill your press release with hype and exaggerated statements that cannot be backed up.

5) Email: Never include an email address that you treasure and consider personal. Every press release is made public; therefore if you post your email address within the press release you are subjecting yourself to the ever unfortunate spam offers.

6) Website: Some users actually forget to include a link to their website in their press release. Always include your website link, as more than likely it’s what you are trying to promote.

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